What you will need before attending the class:

  1. Class is $60.00. I will send you a copy of the training schedule.  You will have your choice of training dates from the schedule, if that particular class is not full.
  2. Review the following: Concealed Handgun Carry License (CHCL) Law & CHCL Administrative Rules
  3. The following forms filled out in black ink.
DO NOT  send anything to the State Police at this time unless you are going to apply through the on-line application. You will have to complete a Concealed Handgun Carry Class and the training form must be signed by a certified instructor.

What you will need the day of class:

  1. Eye and ear protection. (I have eye protection that can be shared)
  2. Copies of Concealed Handgun License Instruction SheetApplication for Concealed Handgun CarryCertificate of training formAll forms must be completed in black ink.
  3. Firearm must be either a revolver (restricted) or semi-automatic (un-restricted) with a barrel length of less than 12 inches. Must have open steel sights only, no scopes or sighting aids. (If you wish to carry either firearm, you must qualify with a semi-automatic)
  4. 50 rounds of ammunition.
  5. Wear loose comfortable clothing.
When entering the training area, ensure your firearm is unloaded and safety is on, if so equipped. If you have a revolver ensure the cylinder is open, if semi-automatic, the slide should be locked open.