What is expected of you as a trainee?

  1. Enter training area with a positive attitude.
  2. Remember the three most important words of the day, “SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY
  3. Alcohol of any type is prohibited.
  4. No profanity or vulgar language. (This includes the firing range, even when you make a bad shot)
  5. Fill out finger print cards. We will do this as a group. (Cards will be furnished)
  6. Fill out record of training. This will be retained by the instructor for 5 years. (This form is furnished)
  7. Class will be approximately 4 hours, depending on class size. Class will begin at approximately 9:00 a.m. (Refreshments will be available)

What to expect when the class is completed.

  1. Follow instructions for submission of your packet.
  2. Take finger print card to Randolph County Sheriff’s Department and have your finger prints taken.  Sheriff Gary Tribble has agreed to perform this service at no charge. You will need to check for the best time to stop by. It is also acceptable to have your prints taken by some other person or authority, they must sign the card as the person performing the printing. If prints are not legible the entire packet will be returned.
  3. Fill out certificate of training.  Instructor will review application and certificate of training, must be signed by the instructor.
  4. Pay training fee of $60.00 or the agreed amount for any special deals.